Sunday, June 22, 2008

"Super-Size Me" - Swedish Style

There’s an ice cream shop here in Sweden.

In fact, there are many ice cream shops in Sweden as Swedes are known for being some of the top consumers of ice cream in the world. However, there’s no ice cream shop quite like Söderköping’s Smultronstället just east of Linköping located right on the Göta Canal.

When you say “Söderköping” to any Swedes south of Stockholm, their eyes light up, an excited smile comes across their face and they ask you about the “glass” (Swedish for “ice cream").

Smultronstället is one of few places in Sweden where Swedish cultural moderation is thrown out the window in the face of pure, unhindered, unlimited, extra-large indulgence. “Super-size me,” Swedish style.

Smultronstället takes the Swedish cultural law of “lagom - not too much and not too little, just right” and laughs at it.

The ice cream servings, toppings, decorations, environment and indeed festival at Smultronstället is larger than any I’ve ever seen anywhere, including my home country, which is known for doing nothing, especially ice cream, in moderation.

Speaking of the USA, Smultronstället has close to 30 different themed ice cream presentations ranging from places to holidays to happy occasions of all kinds. All presentations reflect something of that theme, of course. What is the USA theme, you ask? Five scoops of mouth-watering ice cream, topped off with a sugar donut – and one more scoop on top of the donut, just to make sure. Add some apple pie filling in the middle, a flashing guitar icon, an American flag and there you have the USA-themed Smultronstället ice cream concoction named “Rock ‘n Roll.”
Apparently, donuts are as synonymous with Americans as peanut butter...

Let it be known that this is the very first time I have EVER had donuts and ice cream in the same dessert.

Let it be known that I only ordered this life-shortening creation in order to take a picture of it – with all of you in mind, obviously.

And finally, let it be known that the next time I go to Smultronstället, I’ll be ordering the “Rock ‘n Roll” again, because I had no idea how good donuts and ice cream taste together….

Speaking of unhindered indulgences of the American kind, I’m off to the USA this week, for the first time since October, and, along with all the Swedes, will be taking the month of July off and away (from the blogsophere), relaxing and vacationing, enjoying and embracing all that summer has to offer.

Thank you for regularly reading Linköpinglivin’ and being my cyber-companions on this continually enjoyable and memorable Swedish excursion. I’ll be back in August to give it a few more months in Linköping and, of course, on Linköpinglivin’.

Trevlig Sommar och vi ses snart.


Helen i Valla said...

Ha' en supertrevlig sommar du med Sean (kan man ha nått annat när man tillbringar den i Kalifornien?!) Och välkommen tillbaka i augusti!

Todd said...

Sean - I want all of your friends worldwide to know that, despite MY trip to Swedend for a total of 3.5 days, you have decided to fly directly over New York without so much as a stopover.

What's a brother to do on his 32nd bday?

Anonymous said...

Önskar dig en finfin semester.
Kom på att jag har lite glass i kylen som inte får förfaras. :)

annette said...

hey dude.. great to read your blog ;-)
I'm glad your enjoying some Swedish Summer. but also taking a trip over the big lake to enjoy the heat with some family and friends. hey my resedagbok is coming up tomorrow, would you have an email adress in order for me to put you up on my email list? if you want to do it yourself; it's, I'm "supernettan".
hope everything is great dude, talk to you later ;-)

Dianne Whiting said...

Well, Sean, I'm not sure if I can match "Rock and Roll" from Smultronstallet, but I'll bet they did not welcome you with open arms like I am going to when you come home. Can't wait to see you--the time is going far too slow!!!
I will miss my weekly reading of your blog, and Todd's "brotherly" comments, but having you home will be wonderful and full of traditions with family and friends.
Love, Mom

Todd, are you sure you can't steal away and come west?

Bryn said...

So did you eat the whole thing? That sounds like way too much ice cream for one, albeit tall, person.

Ella said...

oh...really you eat all that?Mmmmm I will not forget to look around about that place next time when I will be in Stockholm.ThanX ;)

Felizia said...

Hi Sean!

I’m a Linköping tjej just returning to the States after my most recent trip back home to the motherland.

I got introduced to your blog by a concerned Swedish friend, who thought it’d help in reintroducing me to my Swedish roots. (Maybe help bridge the gap between divergent identities.)

I really enjoyed your story about Smultronstället. It’s a favorite and was a planned stop, but the weather put a damper on our daytrip. Next time...

Thanks for a good read!

T & L said...
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