Monday, April 21, 2008

Top 10 Reasons Why Linköping is Better Than Stockholm

10. Stockholm is the land of taxis, busses, cars and subways, but Linköping is all about the bicycle. Take a 10-minute ride, get some fresh air, arrive at your destination five minutes early! Love those bikes in Linköping…

9. Linköping has a better airport. Where else can you leave your home at 11:30 for a 12:00 flight and wait for fifteen minutes before you board? (Not kidding – I’ve done it!)

8. Linköping's wood-chipped trails of Ryd Skogen – you just can’t get to the middle of nature that fast in a metropolitan city.

7. Linköping is closer to the rest of Europe. And let’s be honest - the closer you are to London, Paris and Rome, the better.

6. Bosse’s Glassbar. Spring. Enough said.

5. Linköping: Everything you need and most everything you want. Not too big and not too small. Linköping is, let’s say it together now, lagom! And every Swede would agree that anything lagom is always better…

4. Only one of these cities has the newest and best student housing in Sweden:

3. You can walk through Stockholm anonymously. It’s a little more difficult to walk through Linköping and avoid a friendly face.

2. LHC may have once again lost the Eliteserie finals, but they’re a whole lot better than Djurgården! Congrats to the Linköping Hockey Club on another memorable season.

1. Because a blog titled Stockholmlivin’ just doesn’t have the same ring to it…

Pictures above from a great city, especially with the arrival of spring.


Todd said...

I fall for these damn Top 10 lists everytime...

10 Reasons Why New York is Better than Linkoping...

10. New York combines Stockholm’s land of taxis, busses and cars...AND Linkoping’s love of bikes. In New York, you can also take a 10 minute ride on a bike...BUT you get the extra added bonus of being run off the road by one of those taxis, busses and cars.

9. New York has a better airport...3 better airports actually! And why would you want to arrive a mere 15 minutes before your flight. You miss out on all that socializing and the airport bar. Oh that’s right, you only text your friends now...

8. Now, about this Ryd Skogen...I would agree that it’s a great place for a walk/run (even in freezing temperatures)...but, ever heard of Central Park....843 acres of “nature in a metropolitan city.” (yes, I realize this was the bait for my blog comment). And by the way, for such a welcoming and friendly country as would be nice for you to say hi or at least smile at me on my run through Ryd Skogen...hell, even a glance in my direction would have been nice.

7. New York is closer to California. And let’s be honest – the closer you are to Southern California, the better.

6. Street Meat. Any Season. Enough said.

5. No, New York doesn’t practice lagom. But there are a few 4-letter and 5-letter words New Yorkers would use to describe lagom.

4. You may have the “newest” student housing, but I’m pretty confident that New York has the “most dangerous” housing, and let’s face it...everybody loves a little excitement.

3. When you walk through New York, you can avoid strangers, AS WELL AS people you know. You just have to wear the right gear...sunglasses and ipod speakers. (Sunglasses are particularly appropriate gear deep in the sunny subways).

2. LHC vs. Djur-garden? Why are you comparing a hockey team to some strangely spelled garden? Luckily, we don’t have to deal with gardens in New York City.

1. You could call it Linkopinglivin, Stockholmlivin or doesn’t matter if no one reads it. (But, I personally like the third option!)

Man, it’s good to be a NYC asshole again!

Anonymous said...


Linköping has you.

Todd said...

#11 Reason Why New York is Better than Linkoping...

Linkoping has you.

Ang said...

Top 10 Reasons why Olympia is better than NYC and Linkoping

10. You can get anywhere in Olympia in a 10 minute car ride. (ok maybe only if Todd or Sean is driving, 15 minutes for everyone else)

9. Olympia airport. Now you can take direct flights to Spokane. Need I say more?

8. Run, walk ... Who needs that? Here you just swim your way from place to place OR if you really want to exercise, go to 24 hour fitness, where you will see everyone else in Olympia.

7. Olympia is a lot closer to So. CA than NYC or Lingkoping!

6. BBQ in the snow in April. Enough said.

5. When I googled the word Lagom , the definition stated “in balance, average” ... Olympia, one of the most liberal cities in the US. Who needs “Lagom” when you have Evergreen.

4. Built green housing! What have you done to help the environment today?

3. Who walks anywhere these days when driving is so much fun, especially when you have a cool minivan with a DVD player, playing the latest Disney movie over and over again. And gas is so cheap at $3.65/gallon!

2. The best sporting event ever ... 7 year olds playing soccer in the rain! It is muddy, cold and they don’t even keep score. BUT, all is well if you got your Starbucks on the way!

1. Olympialivin yes, it is awesome!!!!

Diana said...

Did someone just hit on Sean via blog comment?? awkward...

Anonymous said...


I have a question. I visit Linköping on 24th July 2008 . On the market place played a band a very nice hardrock. Can you post the name from this band?