Monday, November 24, 2008

A Thailand Time Out

For someone so compelled by Europe’s history, culture, food, people and grandeur, and for someone who proudly declares how much he prefers cool weather to hot weather, and for someone who still had not explored so many areas of Europe that simply cannot be missed (Ireland, Spain, ITALY!), an excursion to Thailand might have seemed like a curious choice.

Sure, plenty of Swedes take that flight from Stockholm to Bangkok, and then they head straight to Thailand’s famous beaches and islands, but Sean never went anywhere in Europe for beaches or warm weather (Russia in November?).

“Okay, I’ll come down, hang out in Thailand for a couple weeks, then I gotta get back to Europe and continue my escapade until I go home for Christmas.” This was my plan.

There was an empty seat on my plane from Bangkok to Rome that left last Thursday morning.

Amazing how travel and life priorities can be altered when someone captures your heart….

I’ll be staying in Thailand for a little while, but despite my ever-changing plans, you can always rely on a weekly blog entry to cover the story of some travel adventures, some cultural discoveries and, apparently, some unexpected (though welcomed) turns on the journey of life.

However, a blog entitled Linköpinglivin’ simply won’t suffice in Thailand.

Next week will mark the last official blog entry to Linköpinglivin’ in the form of a link to a new blog about my “time out” in Thailand. Blog title suggestions are currently being accepted.

See you next week, one last time before we “all” make the jump to Linköpinglivin’, the sequel.

Pictures above:

1. Just another day guiding a bamboo raft in the mountains of Thailand.

2. Paige and Sean river rafting, Thailand-style.

3. A Thai barbecue helps celebrate a birthday of some of Paige's students.

4. In the back of a "Tuk-tuk" motorbike taxi, the best form of road transportation in Thailand.

5. Baby elephants are large, but cute.


Todd said...

Yeah...I've got a couple suggestions for about:

Or My personal favorites:


Always helpful,


dan said...

Todd, those are hilarious. Well done. If I may, I'd like to throw out a similar one that my bring a slightly different nuance. Specifically, it's baseball banter - shouted from the dugout when a pitcher continues to throw to first in an attempt to keep the runner close. In general, it's used more to describe the callous sentiment of interested observers who are ready to see things readily advance:

glad the seat to Rome is empty!
B/c there's two waiting for you in KC...

Here's to experiments,

Tim and Rachel Oberg said...

OK, so I don't really know you (although I feel as though I do, thanks to skype), and I don't know your family (although I now know that your brother is funny), but I must agree with the blog titles. I like them all.


P.S. I smile that your seat was empty. It makes my heart glad.

Helen i Valla said...

Why change the name so fast and completely. Why not just Linköpinglivedin?! It says what's important... ;-)

Ang said...

Yeah! You guys make me smile ... :-)

Although Todd is hilarious!

Love to you!