Sunday, October 26, 2008

Linköpinglivin' Welcomes Budget Travel Readers

A special welcome to Linköping and Sweden for all readers discovering Linköpinglivin’ for the first time.

Budget Travel, one of the most popular monthly travel magazines in the United States, seeks to help the common traveler find unique and affordable experiences of travel both inside the U.S. and worldwide. The November issue of Budget Travel has a feature about how to start a travel blog and includes some advice from (and a link to) Linköpinglivin’.

For over two years, Linköpinglivin’ has taken a sometimes playful and sometimes meaningful look at Sweden through the eyes of a foreigner. Linköping (pronounced "Lin-shipping") is found two hours south of Stockholm and is Sweden's fifth largest city. This blog can be intriguing for Americans of Swedish or Scandinavian descent, helpful for foreigners who have responsibilities or relationships with Swedes and entertaining, maybe even enlightening, for Swedish readers who until now have made up more than half of the weekly readers.

However, this is an interesting time to potentially increase the Linköpinglivin' readership level since my memorable experience of living and working in Sweden will be coming to an end next week. While the blog itself will continue as my travel and new cultural exposures are only just beginning, the Swedish focus will be shifting, and shifting quite dramatically, too.

After one more journey to Prague to visit my Dad this coming week, my adventure abroad will continue, but far from the European escapade that I have come to enjoy so much.

Linköpinglivin’ welcomes first-time readers and promises all readers that if you’ve come to look forward to this weekly perspective on culture and travel, rest assured that your best procrastination excuse will indeed be continuing.

See you next week as we wrap-up Sweden and look to the next great experience of people and travel a long way from where we started.
Pictures above:
1. The November issue of Budget Travel (see an earlier blog entry on the subject of starting a travel blog from April 2008 on Linköpinglivin').
2. Though all Scandinavian flags have this type of cross pattern, Sweden's is the beloved blå o gul, blue and yellow.
3. Me during my first adventure in Gamla Stan, Stockholm's Old Town, in 2006.
4. Linköping has a massive cathedral called Domkyrkan. I've always enjoyed the smaller town community and charm of this humble city with some really great people. They will all be missed.
5. Bikes are the friendly mode of transportation for many in Sweden and Linköping's main square always reveals this....


Termite said...

Congratulations on getting ink in Budget Travel. I was excited to be included too. Since September, 2007 I have traveled full time in an RV covering over 10,000 miles in the US & Canada. I chronicled this journey at - our next challenge is to make our way to Panama through Central America and blog some more. Keep on writing. Best regards, Patty Lonsbary

dan said...

i am not jealous that you got published, though I am pissed. anyhow, i just became a follower - now only 3 days before you leave. Classic, huh?
Also, I'm hoping you're going to post a "perspectives of an american swede regarding the implications of an obama presidency" piece. I'd read it.

FrankenMeg said...

Hey, we saw you in this issue of budget travel. Thanks for the tip. We will try to write more often. Its hard because we only travel once a month... and keeping that going is hard enough. But we also do a video for each trip.

If you would like to visit our blog, its: