Sunday, January 28, 2007

Making Your Travel Plans? Top 10 Reasons to Visit Linköping, Sweden

This weekend I've had the pleasure of hosting two friends and showing off this "jättekul" country I have found. Crystal and Brajna decided to take a mid-winter (bless them) excursion from their life and work in the Balkans to come check out a svenska vinter. From Stockholm to Linköping, Sweden has been even better because of them, even with temperatures hovering around 10 degrees farenheit, which got me thinking...
Right about this time, many of you out there are deciding whether or not to follow through on your previously-talked-about plans to visit Linköping over the next 6 - 8 months. Here's my list of the top 10 reasons Linköping should indeed remain on your list of spring/summer/fall exciting travel destinations:
10. You will learn the words "Tack," "Hej" and "Trädgårdsförening." One time I tried to say "Linkopings Trädgårdsförening" and a colleague gently replied, "You should just say 'the park.'"
9. Gamla Linköping.
8. Run a wood-chipped (or snow-covered, wood chipped) trail with me in Ryd Skogan.
7. Norin's Ost--a fine example of Swedish appreciation for and availability of high quality products from throughout Europe, in this case focused on one of my favorite things in life, cheese.
6. Because any trip to Linköping will inevitably become a train ride to Stockholm, one of the smoothest trains you've ever been on to one of the best cities in Europe.
5. A concert in the Domkyrkan, especially on December 13th.
4. Because you just have to see the crayfish, princesstårta and the stroller mafia for yourself.
3. Summertime lounging in Stora Torget while planning the next excursion to the coast, summer cottage or great European destination.
2. Because at some point during an extended journey to Europe, you really need to rest....
1. And the number one reason you should visit Linköping soon is because Linköping can serve as a fantastic springboard to the rest of Europe--in fact, when you look at Sweden on a map, it actually looks like a diving board into continental Europe. Come, stay awhile, enjoy. See you someday soon (yep, a top 10 list that didn't even include fika. Too predictable, plus you already knew about that one.)
Pictures above:
1. Linköping Centrum on a cold winter's day.
2. Crystal and Brajna--Sweden wintertime visitors. Impressive.
3. Stockholm skyline in the snow.
4. A moose at Skansen Outdoor Museum in Stockholm.
5. Sun, rain, wind and snow, the bicycle rules Linköping.


Caroline said...

Actually it's "svensk vinter". "Svenska" is only for the language, a female swede or as plural (if adjective, as here).

So, have you tried semlor yet? Fika with a seasonal touch. (At the moment I've had two and can barely move...)

Hans Persson said...

I did bike to work this morning, but since my bike had been parked outdoors for a week it turned out that only two gears out of seven and one brake out of two actually felt like working. Still, I got where I wanted without mishaps. I've parked indoors here at work, so hopefully it's thawed until I'm going home.

Ang said...

Beautiful. Miss you tons ... wish you were going to be at the Superbowl party this weekend!

Todd said...

I always love Sean's organized lists beucase then I get to make one, too.

Top 10 Comments to Sean's "Top 10 Reasons to Visit Linkoping, Sweden"

10. I look forward to learning these words and perhaps combining them with "fun" words that I use with cabbies in New York.

9. Who's Gamla? Funny that her last name is the same name as the town.

8. I'll run the trail if there's no snow...if there's snow....we slide!!!

7. Nice description, but there's only one word that I care about here "cheese." I'm in!

6. Any train/subway ride where I'm not pushed, proded, abducted, mugged or yelled at is a smooth train ride!

5. A concert in Domkyrkan? What band is playing?

4. I would love to have crayfish with Princess Tarta...the stoller bit will come later...

3. "Summertime lounging in Stora Torget while planning the next excursion to the coast, summer cottage or great European destination." You want us to come to work with you? This is how you describe your job, right?

2. Rest? So far I'm summertime lounging, eating cheese, listening to music, riding a smooth train and learning some much more "resting" can one do?

1. Love the slogan "Linkoping: Europe's Diving Board" You should really work of the Linkoping Tourist Bureau!

Todd said...

oh...forgot one thing for Caroline - If "Svenska Vinter" means Winter with a Female Swede...I think that's what Sean meant to say.

Christopher said...

looks beautiful buddy.

Judith said...

did not thought that i will be the one who write this (sandra...) but thanks todd! i mean it´s a pleasure to read every singel post here. but your comments are just great.
I´m really sorry that i probably won´t get the chance to get to know you!

Caroline said...

You might be on to something there Todd, but I'm afraid it's only makes for gibberish.

Crystal said...

After being there we can honestly say that we highly recommened Tourguide Sean for a most pleasant stay in Sweden. You can't get any better- fika, quiet and courteous people, BMW rides, all in a winter wonderland- so start your travel arrangements!

(And try the winter season if you have the right winter clothes- you won't have others competing to spend time with Sean!- Thanks again!)

Anonymous said...


I have noticed that Todd and I are very similar. Reading his comments make me miss the ability to come into your office and give you crap on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis.

Vennie just realized that he owes us a game. I told him I'd call Sweden. You need to be there for that game. Jacki volunteered to play in the event that you aren't able to fly to the states for a basketball game.

Since you want people to visit Linkoping so badly, will you be paying for their travel expenses? If so, I'd like to be the first person on that list... :)


Anne said...

Oh, I just found your blog, and I love it! :) I used to live in Linköping, when I was at university, but now I'm back in Stockholm. And I'm a fellow blogger, but on a different topic; food. :)

Bike safely - I can not count the number of times I fell over in the wintertime. I finally quit and just walked.

JohninPraha said...

The pics are not only beautiful but interesting. I have never seem a moose in Prague. Winter does such wonderful things to a setting. I never realized what snow could do to enhance the beauty. I'm not sure about riding in the snow. If it is anything like riding on cobblestone streets it is highly over rated and somewhat uncomfortable never mind the sliding part. Ah yes, cheese. We are in the best place in the world for cheese and yes salami and sausage. What taste and variety. I am very interested in semlor. What is it - other than some sort of drink.
I find it facinating how much fun Todd is having commenting on Sean's writing. I look forward to reading Sean's comments when Todd's blog is up and running.
One thing I have found about cheese and salami in Central Europe - It makes one thirsty. Pass the semlor and cheers from Prague.

billysnook said...

Nice website, and some cool pics!
You can also check out my Liu/Linkoping blogsport.

Hej hej