Friday, November 03, 2006

A Special "Välkommen" to Corren-Linköping Readers

Greetings to those of you visiting this blog for the first time! In this morning's Corren-Linköping daily "tidning" (newspaper), there was a story on this blog along with some background information on my stay here in Linköping. As of this moment, I have not read the article, but I have been informed about it and will look forward to reading it upon my return to Linköping after a weekend in Stockholm. Here is the website for the article (which I will need translated by someone):

A big thanks to Sofia Tanaka, the Corren journalist who interviewed me yesterday and put me on the spot with a lot of good questions and thoughts about this blog and more.

Above, you see a few pictures of my time here in Sweden. Many of you from Linköping will recognize the first picture as the traditional folk dance group from Skansen in Stockholm. The second picture is from a recent visit by two friends from Santa Barbara, California here in Linköping and the final picture is of other visitors from Seattle by the fountain in Stora Torget.

This website is updated weekly, based upon different experiences I am having in Linköping and all of Sweden as an American visitor making a home in Sverige for a season of life. Please visit often and feel free to make comments on the blog or email me with your thoughts, clarifications or outright corrections. Unfortunately, due to some spam comments, I am monitoring the blog, but will approve all non-spam appropriate for the nature of this blog.

And one day, perhaps not too far off in the future, this blog (or at least an entry or two) will be in Swedish--my class is going well.

Hej då, vänner. Vi ses nästa vecka med en blog om min helg i Stockholm! Trevlig Halloween.


Emil said...

I read the article this morning and it seemed interesting so I had to check it out.

I've read most of your posts now, very funny and interesting to read about an "outsiders" view on Sweden and all our little habits.

Thanks for a good read, please keep it up!

David i Valla said...

Kul att se att du trivs, och en väldigt underhållande blog. Välkommen till Linköping! ;)

Maria said...

hello sean!

I do have to admit that I have read all your texts and it's really funny seing sweden through the eyes of someone else.

your brothers comments aren't so bad either.

i just wonder have you been to Ryttargårdskyrkan?

can't wait to read your next blog or what you call it !

Sara said...

Hej! I saw the article in the corren this morning. I'm a foreign exchange student staying here in Linkoping. I was excited to learn not only about an american staying here, but another californian! (if i read the article right, lol i'm still working on swedish) I came here in July and will stay till the next july. It was so exciting to see and read your blog, my host mom thought it was funny because just about everything you had said in the article i had said at one time or another! :-) It looks like we're going to be going through some similar circumstances and such.
Hoping that your stay in Linkoping has been as great as mine has been so far. <3
Much love, Sara

Anders said...

Hey Sean!

This is my first time reading your blog and I must say that it's very interesting and fun to be able to look at Sweden and Linköping in a different perspective. I've read all of your posts now I and can't wait untill you publish a fresh one.

Have you been to Cloetta Center and seen any of LHC's games yet? IF not, I strongly recomend it!

I look forward to read your next post.
Enjoy your stay!

Hans Persson said...

Since you're learning Swedish: det är spännande att se hur du uppfattar Sverige "från utsidan". Jag har visserligen varit i USA några gånger, men bara på affärsresor och därför sett rätt lite av vardagsliv, så jag har inte så mycket att jämföra med som jag skulle vilja.

Helene i Valla said...

Hi Sean! Reading about your blog this morning in Corren I had to check it out. Fun reading, I'll put you under favorites.

Coming up in December is an event I'll take the opportunity to speak for: Lucia, it's sort of a ligthfestivity during our darkest time. Be sure to mark your chalender at Dec 14 at 16.00 or 19.30 at Domkyrkan (you know where it is). Tickets are sold at Consert & Congress from Nov 6 at only 100 kronor! And watch Linköpings Music classes perform and sing the Lucia. I highly recommend it! (The actual Lucia celebration date is Dec 13)

Markus said...

Hey Sean!

Have anyone ever told you that you probably got a brother besides Todd?

His name is Mike Knuble, hockey player in Philiadelphia Flyers (played in Linköpings HC during the lockout season in NHL).

You look just like him! Maybe you should put some skates on and have a chat with the club director in LHC, Mike Helber (also an american)!

I like your blog here by the way! Really cool having an american writing about my hometown!

Keep it up!
Cheers, Markus!

Markus said...

By the way... We celebrate our own "independence day" June 6th, not 7th as you wrote earlier! =)

Christian said...

This is just great! To get the opportunity to "see" Sweden through the eyes of a foreigner is really a good experience, and great fun. Keep up the good work.

Hello! said...

Well, I see I'm not the only one who saw your article in corren today ;)

However I also found it interesting and I just had to take a peek.

I had a good read and I'm sure I will continue reading your blog!

Have a nice day!

Christopher said...

Sean, here's a link that might help a little.

heather said...

Wow, Sean, now you are a famous icon in your little town. That is cool that you have a new way to connect with people in Linköping! And I agree, you look like that hockey player... maybe you should revisit your calling. =) Thanks for sharing, and don't let all this attention go to your head... ;)

Fia said...

Hi Sean!

I also read the article in Corren about you and your blog is great! Keep up the good work!!

I hope you are going to enjoy your stay here in our little town!
And we are quite nice to get to know... =0)

Katie said...

You are famous!
You are a blogger of importance!
I love the Swedes and their comments--they seem so nice!!
I can't wait to visit!

We need to catch up in a non-cyber way.
I have a job interview next week for a Quad Director position. How do you say "cross your fingers" in Swedish?

Jonas K said...

I read the article in Corren and got curious like everyone else here on how foreigners experience Linköping.
I think you give a very fair view of Linköping and it's very interesting to read your posts.

Don't forget to mention "Gamla Linköping", I think it's worth it. :D

Keep up the good work and enjoy your stay here !!

louise said...

I have read the article in Corren and think it was interesting. I like this blog, because it's fun to read about Linköping and Sweden from an american wiev. Look forward to the next text.

Geoffrey Morgan said...

Wow Sean your blog sure is getting quite a bit of attention now you are a celebrity and all. I feel honored being in a few of your pictures that you have posted so far and with luck I will be coming back sometime soon to be in a few more ;) If you ever get that article translated let me know! take it easy buddy.

crrly said...

I read he Corren newspaper at my dad´s this morning (I myself don´t live in Östergötland anymore but in Skåne, in the very south). Had to check you out, of course! ;) I laughed until I cried about your fun and intelligent notes about "fika" for instance! :)

I´ll continue reading your former blog entries back at home again, later today or tomorrow.
hope you´ve had a nice weekend.

Take care.

Mattias said...

I saw the article inte tha paper yesterday and i just had to check out your blog. It's very entertaining reading about us Swedes from another point of view that we usually do. I'll be sure to read your future updfate as well.

If you still haven't got any translation of the article when tou read this, I put a basic one together earlier, when I didn't have anithing else to do anyway. Nothing fancy though.

Just send me an email at and I'll be glad to hook you up.

Have a nice stay here!

AuroraBorealis said...

Hi, I visited my grandmother in Linköping this weekend and read about your blog in Corren and I just had to check it out. I love to see what foreigners think of Sweden. Keep blogging! :)

Someone asked how you say "cross your fingers" in Swedish? If you cross your fingers in Sweden that means that you are lying (at least where I come from). Instead we "håller tummen" (hold our thumbs).

Sandra said...

I never realized that we have so many things americans don't really seem to have. Like fika. I've had american teachers since 7nth grade, yet I still haven't realized that.
Still can't really grasp that people actually like this little town, it's so small and everyone keeps saying "later" och "in due time" and never doing anything, but maybe I'm just a stuck up stockholm-girl who ended up here because of a boyfriend.

Welcome to linköping! If you haven't allready checked out the cathedral you really should. If you take a look at the windows you'll notices that there are pretty pictures drawn on the glass.